Teleseminars – Turn Content Into Money Making Reports

The benefits of hosting teleseminars are numerous. Value added for your market, multiple streams of revenue, increased visibility and increased market reach to name just a few of the many. In this article we will address a great way to generate revenue on the backend. What this means is after the fact of offering a teleseminar you can continue to make money.
There are many ways to do this; sell the recording, up sell into an ongoing course, put the content into a membership program and/or sell the transcripts.

One of the easiest ways to monetize your teleseminars is by creating low priced reports. Although it is a very simple process many people will never do this for a few simple reasons. One, they don’t know how. Two, they are not sure how to market the end product. Three, it takes time.

Another common reason people don’t monetize in this way is that they believe it involves lots of research.

Do you have to do research? Absolutely! But…what you’ll actually find is that you have done your homework right up front by virtue of the fact you created the teleseminar in the first place.

If you don’t do any research before hosting a teleseminar this is something that needs to immediately change. Research gives you important insights that can impact sales. After all, you need to know what the market needs, wants and is willing to pay for before you begin.

Once you know what your market wants you are in a better position to offer a teleseminar that will be highly attended. I am a proponent of offering free teleseminars that can be turned into revenue generators. Why? Because with free teleseminars you build an opt in list of potential and ongoing buyers.

The process for developing a money making report is actually very simple. Here are some of the primary steps:

* Host a complimentary teleseminar * Market the free event * Record the teleseminar * Have the recording transcribed * Either you or someone else edit and format the transcripts * Either you or someone else design a cover (there are plenty of templates available for the non-designer) * From there, develop a landing page for your paid report, set up your shopping cart and payment method and market the fee based report. * Price the report low in order to generate fast sales. However, you do need to know your market is interested in the topic or you won’t sell it.

When done right you can literally generate hundreds, even thousands of dollars in a matter of days.